Becca Hart, RMHCI
Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern in Gainesville, Florida
Florida license: IMH22246
Pronouns: she/her

Education and Professional Experience

After getting my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Political Science, I made a hard left turn and decided to go into organic agriculture. I wanted to feed people. Several grueling growing seasons and a whole lot of reflection led me to realize just how nourishing nature could be. It was in the field – literally – where I discovered my passion to connect more deeply with others, the world around me, and to cultivate growth.

I went back to school to get my Master’s degree in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling from the University of Memphis in Tennessee. My professional experience includes counseling in a number of environments, including residential and outpatient settings and – yep, even in agriculture. While working as a Wellness Garden Facilitator at an urban farm in Memphis, I enjoyed leading therapeutic horticulture groups to help veterans on their path toward skill building and connection. In my clinical work in Florida, I have been specializing in supporting clients overcome trauma, eating disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. I am also uniquely equipped as a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor to provide services and skills in working collaboratively with folks with disabilities.

As a therapist, it is my privilege to help clients strengthen their connection to the world around them while also increasing awareness of their own inner landscape. I am committed to cultivating a safe and validating space where you feel comfortable accessing tools to build resilience, manage stress, enhance well-being, or offer yourself healing. In therapy together, we will get our hands dirty, trust the process, and celebrate growth at every turn.

Approach to Wellness

I try to remind myself everyday, “this moment is precious.” Sometimes I am able to connect with that perspective, and frankly, sometimes I just don’t. But that’s the annoying part: Even THOSE moments are precious. I tend to find access to gratitude and joy when I am practicing awareness of the moment, attuned to my body, and compassionately appreciating my needs. For me, that looks like surrounding myself with dirt, plants, and dogs – in addition to listening to the birds, moving my body, eating lots of vegetables, uncovering adventure, and enjoying cookie-dough ice cream.

Becca is currently completing hours towards licensure and is supervised by Jennifer Martin, PhD. Her sessions are not eligible for out of network insurance reimbursement.

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