Valerie Izquierdo
Office Assistant / Social Media specialist
Pronouns: she/her

Education and Professional Experience

After graduating from Miami Dade College in 2019 with my associate degree in communications, I continued my studies at the University of Florida. By 2022 I had written for several publications in Gainesville and then received my Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Florida.

My areas of focus as a freelance journalist are human-interest stories and environmental stories. Learning about people and their life experiences allows us to understand one another on a more profound level. I have over four years of editorial and social media experience as well.

Approach to Wellness

Wellness to me is doing an activity that you enjoy and allows you to ground yourself. For me, thorough yoga sessions and painting are a part of my personal wellness routine, but sometimes it depends on the day. Activities similar to these ones allow me to slow down, practice being present, and provide a channel through which I can recharge my energy.

Developing and maintaining wellness routines are important to help reset your mind and heart. Wellness is about making time for activities that we find passion in and that are beneficial mediums for channeling our emotions and adversities. Cooking, going for a walk, reading, making art, and doing yoga are all tools and activities that allow me to practice wellness for myself.

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