Mental health concerns can people’s ability to work productively and confidently. The World Health Organization indicate that “12 billion working days are lost every year” due to mental health symptoms. In fact, studies show that symptoms can negatively impact: communication, capability, productivity, engagement and performance at work.

Supporting your employee’s mental health is an important way to help them personally and professionally. Employers may notice decreased work costs related to turnover, absenteeism, burnout, work conflict, or accident-related disability with their employees due to counseling. Counseling is an effective way in reducing employee’s stress, work related and personal concerns.

At Sage Wellness, we make it easy for employers to purchase a package of therapy sessions for their employees. Contact our office today at [email protected] or by speaking with the Office Manager (Emily) at (352) 474-8882 (press #1) to learn more and sign up today.

Thank you for your dedication in supporting your employee’s mental health.