Coaching helps my clients around the world to identify how to live the life you feel passionate about! You can create a life in which you feel inspired, proud and energized. However, it can be easy to lose touch with what in our hearts we know we want and what would be best for us. In coaching I support clients with identifying wellness habits to get back in touch with the things that nourish you. We identify limiting beliefs that are holding you back from taking action towards the direction of your best life and I teach you tools to learn to trust your inner voice. You have the wisdom and strength inside of you, and my role is to help you access that.

Coaching is an active, empowering experience where you are challenged to create tangible, lasting changes. Coaching is action oriented and for those ready to take steps towards their goals. We use metaphor tools, dream analysis and more to help expand your world view and vision for creating an amazing future for yourself! Coaching sessions are conducted by phone or video conferencing since I work with clients across the world.