Updated 8/21/21
Per the latest CDC guidelines, we are asking everyone to wear a mask to in-person sessions. This will help ensure the continued health and safety for both clients and counselors.

In Person Sessions

We have been safely offering in-person appointments throughout COVID-19. In-person services are not optimal for everyone, so we will always continue to offer telehealth sessions. We have been taking many precautions to ensure this is a healthy and safe environment. This includes health screening questions, face masks, temperature checks, UV light air filtration, and increased cleaning procedures. Prior to every appointment, you will receive an email with health questions ensuring you are feeling healthy. If you are not, your counselor will meet with you via telehealth instead.

In Person Procedures

Text your counselor (at our business line, 352-474-8882) upon arrival. Your therapist will get you from the waiting room, provide hand sanitizer, and take your temperature. Bring a mask to wear throughout the appointment, and your counselor will be wearing one as well.

Telehealth Sessions

Sage Wellness is offering telehealth services to support clients who are residents in the state of Florida. Clients have reported this has been a safe, convenient and easily accessible way to receive treatment. Telehealth is a live, virtual appointment where you meet with your therapist via HIPAA compliant video or phone. Prior to each session, you will receive a unique link that takes you directly to the video session.

Required Equipment

  • Being on a secure internet connection, rather than public or free Wi-Fi.
  • For video sessions, you will need a desktop/laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Tips for a Successful Telehealth Session

  • Be in a location free of disruptions where you are alone and can speak freely. This may include using headphones, being outdoors, or putting on a bathroom fan to act as a sound machine. Be stationary and focused. Refrain from driving.

  • Be in a space where there is good lighting and your face is clearly visible. Be aware of light coming from behind you as this will cast a shadow over your face and make it difficult to see you. 

  • Keep the video steady by placing your computer on a hard surface or leaning your phone against something sturdy.

  • Wear clothing consistent to an in-person appointment.

  • Mute or silence your device to reduce potential distractions during the session.