Ashley Waithe, MA
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Florida License: MH15746
Pronouns: She/her
Education and Professional Experience
I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I earned a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Family, Youth and Community Science with a minor in Communication Studies from the University of Florida. My professional experience includes providing treatment in a variety of settings: in-home and school-based counseling for children and adolescents; individual, couples and group therapy in adult outpatient mental health and substance abuse treatment. I am trained in the Gottman Method which I use extensively in couples therapy. I am especially passionate about working with college students and couples.

Life is full of change and opportunities for growth. I believe our therapeutic relationship contributes to a collaborative environment where we can develop strategies to transform negative thoughts and belief systems, and feelings of overwhelm or uncertainty. I help you to overcome challenges and create strong, healthy relationships. I believe that we each hold wisdom within ourselves for healing. Therapy can feel uncomfortable and scary in its vulnerability, and I am here to provide support and guidance along the way. Come join me in kicking off our shoes and settling in to begin our journey together.

Approach to Wellness
My life is primarily centered around connection and is an essential part of my individual wellness. I enjoy creating memories with my husband and son, and having lots of quality time with friends. I am passionate about experiencing other cultures through travel, food, and the arts. I love planning trips and making itineraries for our next adventure! My self-care often looks like attending church, drinking coffee, watching my favorite sitcoms, reading, or getting a pedicure.

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