Caitlyn Adams
Energy Healing with Caitlyn
Reiki Teacher / Practitioner and Yoga Instructor
Pronouns: she/her

Education and Professional Experience

Caitlyn has been practicing and teaching Reiki full time since 2017 (in Gainesville since May 2019). She found Reiki and Yoga because of how much they helped her personal journey. As someone who was struggling with anxiety and the myriad of health issues that go along with chronic stress, she decided to give it a shot. Now she is honored to be able to facilitate relaxation and healing for others. Lifelong learning is important to Caitlyn, and she continues to hone her Reiki studies with mentors and through her personal practice.

Approach to Wellness

Reiki is a complimentary healing modality, which means it works WITH your doctor and/or therapist. Caitlyn believes in empowering her clients, and each session includes suggestions for techniques you can use on your own between sessions to support your personal healing journey. There is no such thing as a stupid question, and she loves explaining Reiki to people who are brand new to energy healing. For more information, or to schedule a session, visit her site here.