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We offer in-person and telehealth sessions in Florida. Call or text us today to schedule a free consultation. At Sage Wellness we are here to inspire your healing and well-being by offering exceptional counseling in an exceptional environment.

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Let us begin your journey towards increased wellness, balance, passion, and purpose. Sage Wellness houses mental health counselors in Gainesville, Florida. Their clients have often come to therapy when they have found themselves feeling stuck. They have described losing touch with themselves or realized they were not living in alignment with their goals and values.

Attending therapy can become your catalyst for change in creating a full, authentic life. In your work at Sage Wellness, we identify the ways you are holding yourself back from living your most passionate and meaningful life, and weave in skills to create a life you love! We affirm the personal and cultural identities you hold and find it important to incorporate this in our work together.

We offer a variety of confidential services where we will work together to create goals, identify strategies to help you achieve healing, change and growth. Sage Wellness therapists draw upon a variety of methods which we will tailor to create the best approach for improving your mental health. Clients often find that these sessions teach you to be an advocate for yourself (or even your own coach and therapist!) and find the strength to live an authentic, full life. Join us for a cup of tea and begin your journey today!


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Let’s partner together so you we can support you in courageously making changes to positively transform your life. Working with us is easy: (1) Call or text us at 352-474-8882 or fill out this form today. (2) We’ll help you identify a therapist on our team with the expertise and treatment style that best fits you. (3) You’ll rest easy tonight knowing you’ve taken the first step towards a life where you’re experiencing more hope, healing and peace.

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