“I was a patient of Dr. Martin for a little over one year and the progress she has help me made was incredible! Each time I saw her I would leave her office feeling better than I did walking in. I honestly don’t think I would of made it through my first two years of college without her. She really really cares for her patients and will go to the moon and back to for resources to help you”

​”Jen did a great job of highlighting the themes in my thoughts, feelings, and actions so I could see my tendencies… Her more objective perspective showed me the bigger picture of a given situation…. Our sessions were always judgment-free, and in fact, I always felt like she was rooting for me. I left each session feeling rejuvenated and confident that everything would work out. She also left me with little nuggets each session—methods for working out my feelings and tasks for handling my thoughts which I could practice before our next meeting.”

“I had never been to therapy before, and so was extremely nervous for my first meeting. However, Jen was the sweetest, most caring support I could have asked for. She immediately calmed me and helped me make amazing progress after our monthly meetings. She was able to bring me out of a depressive and dark period, and into one of self-love, acceptance and happiness. I cannot thank Jen enough for turning my life around.”

“Jen genuinely listened to me and facilitated unique self-exploration and understanding. She gently challenged self-limiting mindsets for my further growth and self compassion.”

“Dr. Martin is the best counselor I’ve ever had in my years of receiving therapy. She is a light and is the most insightful person I have met.”

“Very much enjoyed our conversations. Your passion, thoughtfulness, and skill were felt.”

“A lot of new ideas have been generated for me and I am making progress on developing our plan…Long story short – while our conversation was brief, it was impactful and I wanted to say thanks.”