This form of counseling is an excellent fit if you and your partner want to learn and practice new ways of connecting, communicating and living in more harmony with each other.

Couples counseling can provide partners a neutral and safe space to gain awareness of how their behaviors impact themselves and the relationship and for emotionally charged issues can be explored and healed. Couples come for counseling to address common concerns such as communication and conflict resolution, revive intimacy, sex and love, family and in-law struggles, identity and role conflict, or infidelity. As a team we work on identifying and reducing unhealthy patterns which are threatening the quality of your relationship, learn new ways communicate and relate to each other, and reconnect to the love and passion present early in your relationship. Couples counseling is a collaboration between partners which involves a commitment to honesty and hard work. Couples often find that meeting for 90 minute sessions, particularly early on in counseling, is preferred.