Individual counseling can provide you a space to explore and gain insights about your life, and learn to minimize symptoms which impede your well being. It is common to be experiencing emotional or physical symptoms which have been interfering with your daily life. Together, we create a strong, collaborative connection where you feel safe and supported. Using your goals as a guide, we explore emotions, thoughts and behaviors to identify strengths and roadblocks. We spend time processing what aspects of your past have contributed to what has been occurring now. This allows us to create a plan to assist you in facilitating change to create a future full of growth and increased wellness. Counseling often includes opportunities to: hear new perspectives, identify personal patterns, increase self compassion and self confidence, learn and utilize positive coping skills, and identify ways to minimize future symptoms from returning.

We will frequently review your goals, our therapeutic relationship, and measure your symptoms. It is important for us to work together on identifying what is and is not working in counseling, and I value your feedback. We will adjustments in order to maximize your success and create the therapeutic experience you find most helpful. Therapy is conducted in person in my office in Florida. ‚Äč

“Something will change from all you are going through, and it will be you.”