Sage /sāj/

  • Wisdom through reflection and experience
  • Plant used for medicinal, healing and culinary purposes
  • Plant used in a smudging ceremony for spiritual cleansing and blessings

Wellness /wĕl′nĭs/

  • Being healthy in body, mind and spirit
  • Health as an active process of change and growth that is the result of deliberate effort
  • Dimensions of wellness can include: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, occupational, intellectual, environmental or financial

Sage Wellness is a mental health office founded in 2019 in Gainesville, Florida. Our purpose is to Inspire Healing and Well-Being… for our clients, our team, and our community. We do this by providing Exceptional Counseling and an Exceptional Experience in every interaction we have with each other and our clients, and in the therapeutic services we provide. We are honored to offer mental health counseling services to people ages 10+ through individual, couples and group therapy.

What sets Sage Wellness apart from other therapy offices?

  • Prioritizing the therapist-client match. We have a diverse and highly trained team of therapists so we can ensure we have someone on the team who has the expertise to support you. Prospective clients are invited to have a free phone consultation to meet one of the amazing therapists that were hand selected to be a part of the Sage Wellness team.
  • Therapist support available between sessions. You cannot predict when a crisis will occur or when you may need extra support. Our clients are encouraged to contact their therapist between sessions if they would benefit from additional support.
  • Boutique style environment and amenities. We have been intentional in creating a beautiful space that is calming and healing to your five senses. This only enhances the treatment you receive when you come to Sage Wellness.
  • We proudly support any Florida resident who want to work with us via telehealth. We also provide in-office counseling to Florida residents in Gainesville, Ocala, High Springs, Lake City, and other nearby surrounding areas.
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    Sage Wellness is proud to support the Gainesville community by making a monthly donation to United Way as a Small Business Partner.